Score #11: Your place

In our days we, humans, have the ability to change nature and landscapes in a speed and a scale that only nature forces could accomplish in former times. I think many of us grieve this loss ...

Lab Corpo y Arte (UNIFESP)

Created in 2011, the Body and Art Laboratory is a space that deals with the body and its practices from the perspective of the humanities and art. Techniques, creative processes, modes of production, discourses, images ...


MEANDER – Society for Ecological Thinking and Artistic Practice was established in Norway in 2018 by the artists Kjersti Vetterstad and Randi Nygård together with fellow artists Geir Tore Holm, Søssa Jørgensen and architect Kristin Astrup Aas.

Through different artistic activities, MEANDER aims at contributing to broadening our understanding of the interconnected and transcorporeal nature of all living systems, and to challenge world views that have fatal consequences for life on Earth.

SCORE #1: Hold an animal’s gaze in yours…

Hold an animal’s gaze in yours (or imagine doing so) for a little longer than normally, then close your eyes, and start to imagine being inside the other’s body. Try to picture how the animal senses you and holds you in its mind.

Afterwards show visually (in drawing, collage, photo or video) how you felt that the animal was perceiving you.