Marina Guzzo

Marina Guzzo is an artist and researcher of body arts, has a PhD at the Department of Performing Arts at ECA-USP. Adjunct Professor of Unifesp at the Baixada Santista Campus, a researcher at the Body and Art Laboratory, and coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Center for Dance – N(i)D. Her creations are focused on the interface of artistic languages ​​and the uncertainty of contemporary life, mixing dance, performance, and circus to explore the limits of body and subjectivity in cities and in nature. Her research is structured from three axes: 1) the precariousness in art, that can happen in any territory, without any technical or spatial need; 2) aesthetic accessibility, art for all audiences, which can be assisted and shared by all ages and social classes 3) Anthropocene-related issues and the new modes of existence that emerge from climate change.


Georgia Nicolau

Georgia Nicolau is a co-founder and director of Instituto Procomum, and a commons enthusiast.

Victor Sousa

Victor Sousa is the Technology and Communication coordinator at Instituto Procomum. He has a Journalism degree from PUC-SP and studied Photography at Escuela Manuel Musto in Rosário, Argentina. He is also an activist and user of free software and other digital and analog freedoms.

Calú Narcizo

Calú Narcizo is a non-binary poet, language tutor, and translation student based in São Paulo, Brazil. Moved by their passion for connecting people and learning from different cultures, they helped create Linguada, an event whose aim is to create a friendly space for language learning and social connections in a festive atmosphere. Their mission is to bring Affection to Education.

Calú Narciso was an active member of the platform from August to December 2020.

Aline Benedito

Aline Benedito, Fixxa, graduated in Multimedia Production. Pioneer artist in female graffiti in the city of Santos / SP, art educator and cultural producer, for fourteen years Fixxa has been developing artistic interventions with the aim of highlighting public spaces that were previously unnoticed by people. “My goal with art is to propose a reflection on our politics, society and female protagonism. I understand art as a way to deconstruct prejudices “. Fixxa also acts in the EFÊMMERA network, a group formed by artists whose street is their work platform and is a member of OGS (Graffiti Santos Organization).

Aline Benedito was an active member of the platform from August 2020 to December 2021.

Andrej Haag

Andrey Haag is a self-taught photographer and videomaker from São Paulo, Brazil. In 2019, he created Tumulto Rec, an audiovisual production social enterprise that seeks protagonism and the integration of peripheral bodies in the art market. 

Andrey Haag was an active member of the platform from August 2020 to December 2020.


Caitlin Franzmann

Caitlin Franzmann is an artist based in Australia who creates installations, sonic experiences, performances, and social practice works focused on place-based knowledge and embodied practices. She originally trained as an urban planner, working for several years in policy and strategic planning roles. Since completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at Queensland College of Art in 2012, she has presented work nationally and internationally, including at Kyoto Art Centre and New Museum (NYC).

She was recipient of the 2014 ChurchieNationalEmergingArtPrize and was selected to exhibit in TarraWarra Biennale 2021. As a member of the feminist art collective LEVEL (2013-2018), Caitlin presented participatory works and co-curated exhibitions and forums with a focus on generating dialogue around gender, feminism and contemporary art. Since 2010 she has been working with Ensayos, a collective research practice focused on eco-political issues impacting Tierra del Fuego and other archipelagos.

Christy Gast

Christy Gast (USA) is an artist based in New York, whose sculptures and video installations focus on issues of politics and aesthetics with regard to landscape. She is interested in “contested landscapes,” places where there is evidence of conflict in human desires, which she traces, translates, or mirrors through her art practice. Her work has been exhibited at MoMA/P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Performa, Artist’s Space, Harris Lieberman Gallery and Regina Rex in New York; the Pérez Art Museum of Miami, Bass Museum of Art, de la Cruz Collection, Locust Projects, and Nina Johnson in Miami; as well as Mass MoCA, the American University Museum, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions,

High Desert Test Sites in the United States. Her work has been exhibited internationally at Centro Cultural Matucana 100 and Galería Patricia Ready (Santiago de Chile), the Kadist Foundation (Paris), Galleri F 15 (Moss, Norway), Milani Gallery (Brisbane). She received a BFA in Sculpture and a BA in Women’s Studies from The Ohio State University and an MFA in Visual Art from Columbia University in New York. She has received grants and awards from the Art Matters Foundation, Funding Arts Network, South Florida Cultural Consortium, Tigertail, the American Austrian Foundation Hayward Prize, and the Joan Sovern Sculpture Award from Columbia University.

Carolina Saquel

Carolina Saquel is a former lawyer and visual artist who graduated from Le Fresnoy and with a Master’s degree from Université Paris 8, France. Saquel uses the moving image as a medium for altering perceptions of the temporality of seemingly unimportant events and natural subjects. “Her work has transited from reflections on painting- the frame as a window to the world- to what could be considered a sculptural use of the moving image” (excerpt of Fictions of Formlessness by Maria Berrios). Her work has been shown in film and video art festivals also in solo and group exhibitions in Europe and in Latin America (Espai 13, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona; Kadist Art Foundation, Paris; Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada; Grand Palais, Paris; Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris; Bloomberg Space, London; Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany, Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome). 

Carolina Saquel was an active member of the platform from August 2020 to September 2021.


Randi Nygård

Randi Nygård is an artist and writer who lives and works in Oslo. Her practice concerns our basic relations to and view on nature. Aiming to create both wonder and enthusiasm for the natural environment, she highlights how humans have a profound impact on but also deep affiliation with nature. She demonstrates our tendency to understand the natural environment merely as material resources, and how we in doing so fail to remember that life is everywhere around us.
Nygård graduated with an MFA from the Art Academy in Trondheim in 2006. Nygård is also a member of Ensayos.

Søssa Jørgensen

Søssa Jørgensen lives in Skiptvet, Østfold. The farm Øvre Ringstad is her pivot point. Her art education is from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (1995) and she holds a master in Landscape architecture from NMBU, Ås (2011). Parallel to individual work that includes video, photography, drawing and performance, Søssa has worked long-term with radio and sound art in collaboration with Norwegian peer Yngvild Færøy. Søssa Jørgensen mediates, writes and transmits knowledge around artistic practices today. By initiating Balkong with Geir Tore Holm in 1993, using their apartment as an exhibition space they started to question what art can be. The contexts and dialogues that artistic practices enable were central issues to their thinking. These homebased experiences led to other activities. Together with artists from Thailand they initiated Sørfinnset School/ the nord land in Oarjelih Bájjdár/Gildeskål, Nordlánda/Nordland. Since 2003, this ongoing project focuses on the exploitation of nature, exchange of knowledge and small-scale architecture in the field of a broad aesthetically understanding of ecological realities of society, humans and nature.

Kristin Astrup Aas

Kristin Astrup Aas is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She holds a MA from The Danish Academy of Arts, Architect school in Copenhagen, with emphasis on the ephemeral and sense perceptions in creation of place. She has worked in urban planning with conservation of green spaces, and as an architect on projects concerning homeless, refugees and shelter and settlements in disasters. She has a certificate on Permaculture Design from Norway and has been working with practical ecology in urban farming projects, cultivation of heirloom seeds and wild city foraging. Since 2016 she has been involved in collaborative work with other artists in film, theater, performance and in writing on the topics eco- philosophy and environmentalism.

Kjersti Vetterstad

Kjersti Vetterstad is a visual artist and filmmaker living and working in Oslo, Norway. Her practice explores notions of place, time and impermanence, issues related to identity and alienating processes, and the boundaries that define the relationship between humans and the more that human world. Through sound, video, performance, installation and film she questions the ideas, values and mechanisms that have paved the road for the global environmental crises we are in. Is nature merely a place? Are we something more or other than nature? Can new narratives about who we are in relation to other beings change the current trajectory we are on for the better?

Geir Tore Holm

Geir Tore Holm, artist, grew up in the Sami community Olmmáivággi / Mandalen,  Gáivuotna/ Kåfjord. He lives and works at Øvre Ringstad Farm in Skipsted, Østfold. He graduated from the Art Academy in Trondheim in 1995.
With Søssa Jørgensen he established Sørfinnset skole/ the nord land in Gildeskål, Nordland in 2003. Geir Tore Holm was head of project in the founding of the Art Academy in Tromsø- UiT in 2007. From 2009 until his dissertation in 2017 he was  fellow in artistic research at KHiO – Oslo National Academy of Arts with the project poetics For Changing Aesthetics.
Currently he is co- curating the exhibition Nils-Aslak Valkeapää / Áillohaš at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo.

Karolin Tampere (b. Tallinn, Estonia) is a visual artist and curator based in Lofoten, Norway. Part
of her practice is to work with sound, write for artists, commission new works and strive to present
artistic practice, presence and work with a transdisciplinary approach in often periferic locations.
She has a particular interest in collaborative, social and performative practices, sound and
listening. Tampere has currently the position as curator at the North Norwegian Art Centre in
Svolvær, and together with Hilde Mehti, Neal Cahoon and Torill Østby Haaland she co-curated
LIAF2019 – Lofoten International Art Festival.


Cristina Bogdan

Cristina Bogdan is a researcher, writer and editor. In 2014 she initiated ODD, a space for theoretical discussion and social gatherings of all kinds, grounded in the Romanian imaginary and looking to act upon the world; as well as the online version of Revista ARTA, currently the main contemporary art publication in Romania. She writes for various publications and has edited books on art, theory, and design. At present she is developing, together with Mriganka Madhukaillya, the research and design studio Forest Cybernetics, in Assam, India.

ODD/ Cristina Bodgad was an active participant of the platform from August 2020 to September 2021.