SCORE #2: How do you make a forest?

The forest, the house of protection, and in it the quilombos and the villages, a community of people and plants, animals and spirits.

The Amazon, under genocidal attack, the garden of humanity’s backyard, sown in the black land of Indigenous by the human hand before the colonization of America.

Against monoculture, many cultures-natures. The forest is always made.

In a world that needs regeneration, how do you make a forest?

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Meander Society
1 year ago

How do I make a forest? The question of making a forest makes me think about how far away my everyday life now is from forests, from deforestation and from reforestation. I am thinking about the forest next to my house where I grew up, which is now partly gone, it has been cut down to make room for more houses. And once again I sit and mourn the loss of basic connection to nature, the loss of intuitive knowledge. I then think about how easy it is, for me, to make a collage about forests. I could search for something poetic in the meanings and origins of the words forest and plant. Forest in Norwegian is skog which comes from the word skaga, meaning to stick up, rise high up in the air. The word plant comes from the sole of the foot, the foot which we use to… Read more »

1 year ago

Rue de Montreuil

meander-IMG_8610Rue des Boulets_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8611Rue des Boulets_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8612Rue des Boulets_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8613Rue des Boulets_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8614Rue des Boulets_Montreuil_CS.jpg
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meander-IMG_8616Rue des Boulets_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8617Rue des Boulets_CS.jpg
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meander-IMG_8619Rue des Boulets_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8620Rue des Boulets_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8683Rue de Montreuil_CS.jpg
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meander-IMG_8686Rue des Boulets_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8687Rue de Montreuil_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8688Rue de Montreuil_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8689Rue de Montreuil_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8690Rue de Montreuil_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8691Rue de Boulets_Montreuil_CS.jpg
meander-IMG_8692Rue de Montreuil_CS.jpg
Meander Society
1 year ago

SCORE 2. Kristin & Kjersti

1 year ago

At the center of a forest there is knowledge.

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