Score #13: What if we turned to a rock, a tree, an ant, or the tides…

What if, in times of uncertainty and doubt, we first turned to a rock, a tree, an ant, or the tides as a source of reflection and possible understandings? What if we understood that water is listening to our stories and water can also tell us what it needs? What if oracular utterances were central to societal and political choices? What if we were dedicated to feeling beyond our first perceptions?

Go to an entity that lives with or near you – it could be a tree, an animal, a mushroom, a rock, a….Introduce yourself. Seek permission to sit nearby. You might speak or sing the words or you may communicate silently with your heart. Gift your time and presence. Ask a question, something you are seeking guidance on. Observe, listen, become aware of other interactions occurring around you both, for at least 5 minutes. When the time feels right, give thanks to your friend. Record an insight from your encounter straight away and in a free style – write, draw, sing, dance, film – whatever method seems appropriate to translate your experience. Imagine that your record is a moment in a story that began long ago and has no end.

By Caitlin Franzmann

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