SCORE #6: Propose a crossing

Claudia Andujar crossed the post-war world, from Europe to Brazil. She crossed Brazil, from São Paulo to the Amazon. And entered the forest. She crossed the language barrier, the limits of photography and art. Between salvation and fatalism, between the idea of a sustainable life and the fact that the climate crisis cannot be thought of outside the colonial system – of a cheap-nature and exploited labor. How to cross through so many contradictions?

Propose a crossing.

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Meander Society
5 months ago
4 months ago

Ensayos is currently working on a project that advocates for peat bog conservation in Tierra del Fuego. A group of artists, scientists and activists discussed the score “propose a crossing” via WhatsApp voice messages. The conversation took place in Spanish and English between Bárbara Saavedra, a Chilean ecologist; Hema’ny Molina, a Selk’nam indigenous activist whose ancestral homeland is Tierra del Fuego; Camila Marambio, a Chilean-American curator; and Christy Gast, an artist from the United States. The term “crossing” has a starting point and an ending point. It implies two points on a line. In terms of peat bog conservation, this metaphor was unsatisfactory. Peat bogs themselves contain many crossings, many enganglements, many beginnings and endings, more like a web or a tapestry. The video shows sphagnum, a keystone species in peat bogs, with some companion species, multiplied and entangled, in response to this conversation. 

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