Score #11: Your place

In our days we, humans, have the ability to change nature and landscapes in a speed and a scale that only nature forces could accomplish in former times. I think many of us grieve this loss and wishes that this speed of change to slow down, now!

“Some of my places have always been there. I was there before I can remember being there. I feel the warmth of summer in the ground in the winter. I see the fine pine tree needles, stapled together in a paper-light casing, two and two. They lie on the ground below one meter with snow. The sense of time stops for a while in the echo of those who lived before me. If their voices becomes quiet, a wonder arises. How was it here before? Who walked in the woods? Who looked out over this landscape? I am a child, I am an adult and a teenager, involuntarily, I feel like I am played like a puppet hanging in strings pulled by others.
Each place gives a specific feeling. Sometimes strong or uncomfortable, sometimes warm and gentle, but there is always something there. A special feeling. Some places I see before my inner eye before I get there. The images appear on the way. The images can stay in the consciousness and mix into reality, but I can also untangle the foresight and the impression from each other. I play with putting them together and adding an atmosphere of longing or belonging to the place. Or, I simply play with memory.”

Make something, in your choice of manner, about a place you have connections to, a place that means something to you. Add a feeling, a foresight, a mental state that this place awakens in you.

By Søssa Jørgensen

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